What to Expect

Life and Professional Coaching

What to Expect

Choose solution focused  Wisergeezer Life and Professional Coaching to address your challenges and grow with integrity and confidence.

As Bill Gates said, “Everyone needs a coach…We all need people who give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

Let’s get the process started!
1) Schedule your first appointment online.
2) E-sign the initial paperwork in your secure client portal.

3) Complete and e-return the Pre-Coaching Questionnaire in your portal.
4) Meet me online for your first appointment!

Pre-Coaching Questionnaire

Once your appointment request is accepted, you will receive a questionnaire in the secure client portal. I encourage you to set some intentional time aside to think through and answer the questions. Your answers will help you decide what you want to address and help me to understand your priorities.

First Appointment

Your responses on the questionnaire will give me information about you and what is important to you. During our first session, we will review the questionnaire, clarify what you would like to accomplish  – or begin the process of identifying what you think you may want to accomplish –  and review coaching expectations.

This first meeting is really important so that I understand your expectations and you understand mine. Coaching is a collaborative process and the more we “click” the more productive you will be!

The Flow of Following Sessions

Each coaching session is special. It is a unique exchange of ideas, thoughts, questions, observations and reflections between you and me. You set the pace and we discuss what is important to you each time we meet. So, a session cannot be scripted in advance. Because my coaching is solution focused is intended to be short-term. It is not uncommon for some clients to meet their expectations in 4-6 sessions. Other clients choose to meet with me for much longer. The choice is yours. 

Generally, the process looks like this:


How do you know who you are and what you want?


What do you want to accomplish or focus on?

Attributes Motivation

What do you need to be successful?

Hurdles & Milestones

Measuring your progress


Celebrating your victories and deciding if there are others things you want to address!

How Long are Coaching Sessions?

Our meeting time together is 50 minutes although I do have clients that prefer an 80 minute meeting.  I need the remaining part of the hour to document our session and provide you with follow up information. I will usually provide you with something to think about or do in between our sessions so that our time together is really fruitful! 

The Rest of the Way

During subsequent sessions, you will identify an area that you would like to focus on. I will provide you with tools to prepare in advance for the sessions and I will have your completed homework to review with you. I will facilitate the process by asking appropriate questions and allowing you sufficient space to answer them. You have full control of the process and you can rely on me to challenge you to uncover and explore additional possibilities. Regardless of whether you want coaching for decision making, navigating change, overcoming compassion fatigue or any of my other specialties – the process is very similar. You may choose to work on a single goal or concern or you may find that there are several smaller goals that need your focus.

Lastly, some part of our session is always educational – whether that is learning how your body responds to stress, management techniques, identifying your strengths – there is always something to learn so that we have more tools and resources to meet our goals.

In most cases, you will leave each session with homework! I will provide you with worksheets or assignments that will help you deeply consider and/or implement your plans. You can be confident that we will make sure that steps are manageable and do-able. I will be with you every step of the way but the truth of the matter is, you have to do the work. I am confident that you can!