Online Life Coaching

Online Life and Professional Coaching

Are you looking for the convenience of online life coaching? Would you be more likely to engage in life coaching if you knew you didn’t have to drive anywhere to get to your appointment? Does online coaching provide you the anonymity you need?

Perhaps Zoom meetings are so much apart of your life and work culture that it just makes sense to meet virtually for coaching. Maybe you can’t find a coach with the right skill set to help in your area.

What is Online Life Coaching?

Christian life and professional coaching, with Terry Smith, M.Ed., a.k.a.  Wisergeezer,  is completely online. You will meet together virtually for all your sessions. That means which You pick the location – at home, at the office, while you’re on vacation, and even when you’re out of the country. While Terry is based in Phoenix, Arizona, life coaching isn’t limited by state lines or time zones. She can meet with clients everywhere from Arizona to Maine, Mexico to Europe. 

Terry uses the secure and confidential virtual platform, Simple Practice for virtual coaching sessions. Simple Practice provides you with a link directly to your virtual session. All you need is a secure wi-fi connection and a computer/laptop (or a Phone) with a webcam to participate. 

Curious about what to expect during coaching?

You may request your own appointments in the secure online portal and cancel or reschedule as the demands of life change. You can always access the secure online portal here, by typing in the email address associated with your online portal.   

Things to Know About Online Life and Professional Coaching

Online Coaching is Convenient! With no travel time you save time and can schedule a session when it is most covenient for you. When you participate in online coaching, YOU choose the location of your session – in your office, at home, or any other place that provides you with comfort and privacy. If you are on a work trip or vacation and you still want to meet – we can! Even if you leave the country, we can still arrange a time to meet. 

Online Coaching Reaches Everyone! Finding a coach you can trust can be challenging when you are limited to your geographical region. Tele coaching expands my reach to meet with anyone virtually anywhere. Regardless of where you are located, I can provide you with life and professional coaching. 

Other Online Coaching Considerations. You should know that on rare occasions technology does fail but with proper planning these issues can be remedied quickly and easily. Also, while I can guarantee privacy on my end, I can’t control who is listening to our sessions on your end. So, together we can discuss and plan how to make sure that you use a secure wifi connection and meet with me some place where you can speak freely. 

Online Life Coaching